Please note - Ndiyo has now officially closed its doors, at least as a legal entity - but we've kept the site alive in case any of the information is useful to others.

Our thanks to all those who helped out and were involved in so many different ways! The Ndiyo legacy lives on in the ultra-thin-client work at its spin-off DisplayLink, at Plugable, at NoPC and elsewhere...

Ndiyo presents at Less Is More conference

Ndiyo conference presentation generates media interest

Ndiyo's Seb Wills gave a presentation on Thursday at a conference hosted by Microsoft Research in Cambridge. In spite of our clearly divergent beliefs to those of Microsoft, the conference organisers recognised that the Ndiyo project fits well with the conference's theme and accepted our paper for presentation at the event.

You can view the presentation slides online.

The presentation generated a considerable degree of public interest in the Ndiyo project, including articles on BBC News Online and a posting on technology website slashdot.