Please note - Ndiyo has now officially closed its doors, at least as a legal entity - but we've kept the site alive in case any of the information is useful to others.

Our thanks to all those who helped out and were involved in so many different ways! The Ndiyo legacy lives on in the ultra-thin-client work at its spin-off DisplayLink, at Plugable, at NoPC and elsewhere...



For those interested in USB-connected multi-seat terminals, on the Hubster model, we recommend contacting  Support for such devices is gradually finding its way into Linux distributions.

Ethernet Nivos

An early-access 'starter kit' was made available by our sister company, Camvine, which consisted of five ethernet-connected Nivos, and the software to drive them, for you to install on your own Ubuntu machine.

Camvine is no longer actively selling or developing the Nivo, but there are a few units still available for those who would like to purchase some for experimentation.